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Attention-Grabbing Marketing Displays

Grab the public´s attention with effective visual marketing. The Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association, members follow industry standards with installation techniques. The Inflatable Advertising Dealers provide a variety of innovative marketing display tools that can help you launch a new product, promote a special event or drive new sales with impactful visual displays. We provide:
  • Inflatable Shapes
  • Product Replicas
  • Rooftop Balloons
  • Helium Filled Blimps
  • Static Air Filled Displays
  • Banners & Flags
  • Dancing Wind Tubes
  • Signs & Graphics
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Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association Lead Exchange

Get leads for more business, and provide visual marketing displays to your clients. All our members are required to have general liability and workers' compensation insurance. The Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association Lead Exchange provides members with the ability to do national work for national retailers and companies in their local market area.

Members Wanted

We have member companies throughout the United States, Canada and Australia, that provide on-site visual marketing displays for retailers, special events and sport venues. To become a member of the Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association, you need to be a full-time marketing display company that provides visual displays to the end user.

All member companies are professionals in their field of providing impactful displays that drive attention, build your brand, and increase sales. If you are interested in joining, please call at (888) 923-8652, or make contact with any of the current members of Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association's Board of Directors.

Contact us to promote your business in a more striking way with our visual marketing aids.